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       Services & Pricing


Photography services at affordable rates. Prices are based on square footage, not the number of photos.  Please e-mail me for a complete pricelist.


A prepared property is an efficient photoshoot and will result in a higher number of quality pictures.  Please e-mail me for Photography Preparation  suggestions.


Basic Pricing


Homes under 3,000 square feet is $135

3001-5000 +$50

5001-7000 +$100


Amenities/Communitiy Features

 w/listing order $50


Aerial photography

minimum of 6 images $100

Subject to wind and weather


Evening photography $75 w/daytime order


Virtual Tour $25


Prices are subject to

change without notice.




Mastercard, Visa AmEx, and Discover cards accepted

via Square at the time 

of the appointment!



Photos are copyrighted and owned by the

photographer for the exclusive use

of the purchasing agent and are not transferrable.